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Primogenito Complesso


Primogenito Complesso






"Primogenito Complesso"

(Firstborn Complex , 2007, 11'30")


Direction, Script and Editing:

Lavinia Chianello and Tomás Creus



"If you think that if someone that commits evil deeds, just because he is my relative should not merit punishment... you do not think well" - Oedipus the King, Sophocles


A firstborn and his newborn brother illustrate the eternal struggle between the old and the new.



Festivals and Prizes:


Torino Film Festival (Italy), directed by Nanni Moretti.

       - Special Jury Prize

       - Premio AVANTI! (Distribution prize)

Animateka Film Festival (Slovenia, 2007)

Cortoons (Italy, 2008)

Reanimacja (Poland, 2008)

Visioni Italiane (Italy, 2008)

       - Special Mention

Maremetraggio - Tiscali in Corto (Italy, 2008)

Inventa un Film (Italy, 2008)

Cinesogni (Italy, 2008)

Festival de Gramado (Brazil, 2008)

Flaiano Film Festival (Italy, 2008)

Anim'est International Animation Film Festival (Romenia, 2008)

Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival (Lithuania, 2008)

Cine Esquema Novo (Brazil, 2008)

Pentedattilo Film Festival (Italy, 2008)

Festival de Video de Rosario (Argentina, 2008)

Festianima Peru (Peru, 2008)

Bogocine (Colombia, 2008)

Animated Dreams (Estonia, 2008)

Freak Fest (Argentina, 2008)

Granimado (Brazil, 2008)

       - Best Art Direction

Festival de Cine de Viña del Mar (Chile, 2008)

Festival Internacional de Havana (Cuba, 2008)

Tokyo Video Festival (Japan, 2009)

       - Excellence Award

Busto Arsizio Film Festival (Italy, 2009)

Festival Cinematográfico Internacional de Uruguay (Uruguay, 2009)