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La Piccola Illusione



La Piccola Illusione





"La Piccola Illusione"

(The Little Illusion, 2006, 8'25")


Direction, Script and Editing:

Lavinia Chianello and Tomás Creus



Angelo Davì


Sound Mixing:

Cristiano Nasta



Several characters fight for a box in a story where nothing is exactly what it seems.



Festivals and Prizes:


Cortoons (Italy, 2007)

      - Best Italian Short Film

      - Frisk Prize (Best Direction)

Animfest (Greece, 2007)

Reanimacja (Poland, 2007)

Cinesul (Brazil, 2007)

Cinesogni (Italy, 2007)

Bianco Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul (Brazil, 2007)

Dervio Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

      - Special Jury Prize

Granimado (Brazil, 2007)

      - Best Art Direction

Lucania Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

Rosario Latin American Video Festival (Argentina, 2007)

Casertanimata (Italy, 2007)

PIAFF (Italy, 2007)

International Panorama of Independent Film-makers (Greece, 2007)

Curta Cinema Rio (Brazil, 2007)

Festlatinoba (Argentina, 2007)

      - Special Mention for Stop-Motion

L'Alternativa Barcelona (Spain, 2007)

Festival "Gesso, Magie e Videogame", Asti (Italy, 2007)

Siena International Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

Castelli Animati (Italy, 2007)

Dakino International Film Festival (Romania, 2007)

Il Corto (Italia, 2007)

Festival de Muriaé (Brazil, 2007)

World Short Film Award (USA, 2008)

Mostra AIACE Torino (Italy, 2008)